Short Stories

Power of Appreciation – Story 1

Dinner of Gratitude: Nourishing the Bonds of IT Unity In 2023, two IT titans joined forces: Beanstalk Computing partnered with to drive unparalleled support for all our customers.

Stories From The Trenches: Backup Your Data!

One of Beanstalk Computing’s clients was a plumbing company which resisted the idea of paying for backups, even after months of us bringing it up during security and disaster planning audits. After months of persuading, we finally convinced them to ...

Technology Marketing Toolkit: Changing My Perspective

Imagine a moment frozen in time, where years of contemplation and uncertainty culminate in a life-altering encounter. I, Jason Brooks, founder of Beanstalk Computing, stand before you today, ready to share the remarkable story of how the Robin Robins Technology ...

The Beginning: Fictitious Business License

In 2006, still in my 20s, I decided to start my own I.T. business. I had always known this was what I wanted to do, but I didn’t think I would be ready until my 30s. With great trepidation, I ...


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